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You were put in charge of bus transportation in a city and you are just about to place orders for new buses in the City for the next Seven years. Buses so far are available in 20, 30 or 50 seat capacity and you actually need to accommodate about 1100 people through certain designated routes. So in a ploy to be both smart and Economical you decide to do what seems to be the wisest thing which is: you purchase 12 50seater buses and 20 20seater buses, with the hope that it meets the needs of this City’s occupants for the next Seven years.


Now this sounds interesting right? Well, what happens eventually is the fact that this leads to a lot of inadequacies.


So Private Cloud Computing comes to the rescue by providing you with the option of resetting or reconfiguring your purchase however and whenever you want as against being stuck with the same configuration for years. What this means is assuming you have 50 people going for a retreat, you can very easily reconfigure your previous configuration to accommodate just this request.


This flexibility of Private Cloud Computing is indeed one very valuable and powerful edge it has over the regular servers. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched as with the case of the buses, it creates a high level of convenience and this could also be referred to as ‘Cloud Computing.’ This is every Transport Personnel’s dream, going by the analogy. Equating each bus as a server makes this ‘Private Cloud Computing’ every IT/ Finance Director’s dream. But then, with this flexibility comes the complexity of information and this can be solved by ensuring that servers are monitored in such a way that configurations are specific to current/ pressing needs. Watching the server, networks and storage is essential to harness resourcefulness so that demands made are met and resources properly utilized.


Just because this whole case of monitoring isn’t a cheap process, you need undivided attention when designing your Private Cloud. So that you can not only alter cloud configuration automatically, you can also have your resources available just when, how and where you want them.


This also means that a software would be needed to monitor your server and server resources. It would be essential in predicting which servers need more resources and when. After which it then harnesses reallocation of these resources…Now that is an absolute dream come true. Now that is not all, as the cost of a properly designed Private Cloud Computing is way less than the price of a server. So apart from flexibility this is also a cheaper option with an array of possibilities.